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Real-Time Materials Tracking & Traceability Software

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Tracking Capabilities of the BellHawk Software

Mistake Prevention Preventing
Expensive Mistakes
Inventory Tracking On-Demand
Label Printing
Materials Processing Providing Real-Time
Business Intelligence
Mobile Data Collection Mobile Barcode
Data Collection
Paperwork Elimination Eliminating
Receiving Tracking Receiving &
Put Away of Materials
Inventory Traacking Tracking Movement
of Inventory
WIP Tracking Tracking Production
& Work-in-Process
Machine and Process Tracking Tracking Machinery
& Equipment Usage
Labor Tracking Tracking Labor
Time and Cost

Materials Traceabiliy Collecting Materials
Traceability History
Quality Assurance Tracking Quality
Test & Inspection
Pick and Ship Preventing
Picking Errors
Job Costing Accurately Costing
Products & Processes
Sales Order Tracking Tracking Customer
Order Status

Click here to download a PDF of the "BellHawk Software Handbook" which is an 85 page document that gives a detailed overview of how BellHawk works, what its capabilities are, how it exchanges data with other systems, and how things like reports can be customized".