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BellHawk Software Handbook


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The BellHawk data collection software enables manufacturers and industrial distributors to track their work-in-process materials in real-time. This includes tracking the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their conversion into intermediate materials and then finished products, as well as the picking, packing, labeling, and shipping of those products to customers.

This 160 page handbook provides a detailed overview of the BellHawk software. It also includes an overview of the MilramX software which is used to implement automated data exchange interfaces between BellHawk and a wide-variety of accounting and ERP systems.

The purpose of this handbook is to enable prospective users of the BellHawk software to understand the scope of the software, what it does, and how it does it.

This handbook also provides an excellent introduction to the BellHawk Users Manuals. These User Manuals provide detailed explanations, with examples, of how to use the features of each the of BellHawk base systems and optional modules.


This handbook was written by Dr. Peter Green, who is an expert in implementing systems to perform real-time work-in-process materials tracking within industrial organizations. He is a systems architect and lead the team which developed both the BellHawk and MilramX software.

Over the past decade Dr Green has also lead the implementation of over 100 systems, based on BellHawk, to assist manufacturers and other industrial organizations to improve the efficiency of their operations and to increase sales through improved customer satisfaction.

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