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Alternatives for Implementing a BellHawk System

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There are three different ways to implement a BellHawk based real-time operations tracking and management system:

  1. Use BellHawk Online: Use one of six low-cost, easy-to-use prepackaged industry specific bundles, available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis though BellHawk Online. Or choose a base system and add your own optional modules. These fully functional tracking systems, which cover most of the common industry-specific tracking applications, are available on a quarterly or annual subscription basis. BellHawk Online enables clients to be up and running in a few days without needing support from Corporate IT.  For details, including subscription prices, please see
  2. Rent the BellHawk Software for installation on your own Windows Server computer. In this case, the client's own IT staff act as the implementation project manager with BellHawk Systems Staff staff providing support on an as-needed basis. BellHawk is an open architecture system and gives many opportunities for customization and integration. The software packages and the prices for rental are essentially the same as for an on-line subscription. Please see for details.
  3. Purchase a Custom Solution based on the BellHawk software platform. BellHawk Systems Corporation, in combination with its partners, provides  technology solutions to operational problems based on the use of technologies such as barcode scanning and printing, RFID, mobile computing, and Artificial Intelligence. Many of these are based on the BellHawk software platform with integration with many other different systems. Please see for details

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