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In the USA, Canada, UK and most of the Commonwealth, the BellHawk software is distributed by KnarrTek Inc. , which also provides a full range of supporting services for systems implementation. Please see the KnarrTek website at for details.

The BellHawk software is available for use over the Internet on servers managed by KnarrTek at secure data centers in the USA. BellHawk is also available for rental or purchase for installation at a client's own data center, for those larger organizations with their own IT staff.

In either case, the BellHawk software is made available at an affordable monthly subscription or rental cost of under $500/month for smaller organizations and typically under $1,500/month for larger organizations.

BellHawk Online software subscriptions and on-site rentals are sold by a network of KnarrTek partners, who can provide a complete operations tracking and management system, including the needed software, barcode equipment, support services, and supplies, and provide extensive on-site support, if needed.

KnarrTekKnarrTek also provides the BellHawk software and support services directly to the IT Departments of larger industrial organizations, which act as their own implementation project managers.

KnarrTek is actively recruiting new reseller partners throughout North America, Canada, the UK and the Commonwealth. We are especially interested in teaming with barcode equipment resellers and industrial systems integrators.

KnarrTek also runs a community developer partner program, which enables consultants and educators to have no-cost access to BellHawk Online subscriptions, on a not-for-resale basis.

For more information, please contact, if you are prospective user of BellHawk, or if you are a prospective  partner.

BellHawk is also available for OEM licensing  for those organizations that would like to integrate BellHawk with their own software and/or equipment and possibly sell this under their own trade dress. Please contact for details.

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