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BellHawk Software Reseller Partner Opportunities


Do you resell barcode scanning and printing equipment, mobile computers and networking equipment?

Do you provide IT Services on a Managed Services basis?

Are you an Industrial Solutions Systems Integrator?

Do you want to sell real-time operations tracking and management solutions into market verticals, such as:

  1. Manufacturing and Distribution
  2. Food, Nutraceutical, and Pharmaceutical Processing
  3. Construction and Mining
  4. Repair, Refurbishment, and Recycling
  5. Converting and printing

But do not want to invest several million dollars and multiple years in the development of the needed software or have the ongoing expense of maintaining a software maintenance and development team.

Then you should consider becoming  a BellHawk software reseller partner.

Opportunities exist as a:

We recognize that many opportunities exist to provide real-time operations tracking and management solutions to the hundreds of thousands of organizations that need to transition from using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to much more automated data collection and analysis systems.  Rather than attempt to service all these organizations directly, Milramco is licensing its software to its partners in such a way as to enable its partner and user communities to profit from the multiple millions of dollars and over a decade of investment that has been made in the BellHawk software.