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Data Sheets for BellHawk Software

BellHawk Software Data Sheets

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JMTS Job and Materials Tracking System

Job and Materials Tracking - Data sheet for BellHawk Systems' Job and Materials Tracking System (JMTS).

BellHawk User Defined Parameter Mechanism

BellHawk User Defined Parameter Capabilities - enables setting up of custom data capture, reporting, and labeling fields as well as tracking the dimensions (LxWxT) of materials.

Creating Custom Reports

Creating Custom Reports - the BellHawk reports mechanism and how to create  custom reports using SSRS.

Rules-Based Barcode Label Printing Option

Rules Based Barcode Label Printing Module (BH-TAG) - generates labels for incoming materials and for finished products as well as their shipment packaging.

Manufacturing Options

Equipment Tracking Option (BH-ETO) Data Sheet - enables tracking usage, setup, run, down, and cleanup times of equipment, machines, and production lines.

Activity Based Costing Option (BH-ABC) Data Sheet - estimates, captures and allocates labor, materials, and equipment costs in making products.

Warehouse Management Options

Purchase Order Receiving Module (BH-PO) - enables the entry of supplier purchase orders (POs) and recording of receipts against these purchase orders.

Ship Order Module (BH-SO) - enables the entry of ship orders and the recording of shipments against these ship orders.

Picking Module (BH-PICK) - generates barcoded picking sheets for work order kits, material move, and ship orders; records picking against these pick orders.

Zone Picking (part of BH-PICK) - uses a directed picking algorithm which enables rapid picking of parts for kits and customer orders, where multiple parts need to be picked from each warehouse zone.

Shipping Dock Option (BH-SDO) - records loading of materials onto trailers at dock doors; prevents mistakes and generates BOLs and ASN data for delivery by EDI software.

Inventory Auditing Module (BH-IAM) - enables "blind" inventory auditing; tracks discrepancies and corrections made.

Materials Traceability and Quality Assurance Options

Materials Traceability (BH-TRACE)- enables rapid trace-back from defective products and trace-forward from defective materials to products and customers.

Quality Control (BH-QC): Tracks quality control status of inventory and work-in-process and prevents use or shipment of defective materials.

Operations Management Options

Project Tracking (BH-PROJ) - provides the capability to track work orders, work-in-process and inventory at a project level.

Work Center Scheduling (BH-WCS) - automatically schedules work through multiple work centers in real-time

Available Inventory Prediction (BH-AIP) - tracks predicted availability of inventory at future times.

Demand Driven Materials Resource Planning (BH-DRP) - Dynamic MRP based on real-time demand

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