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BellHawk Software Background

Watching Your Operations like a Hawk

The web-based BellHawk software  was developed over the past decade by Milramco LLC, in collaboration with a number of partners under the direction of Dr. Peter Green.

Milramco owns the intellectual property rights to the web-based BellHawk software and its documentation.

The BellHawk software is sold and supported throughout North America by KnarrTek Inc.

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The web-based BellHawk software is available for private label OEM licensing to organizations who wish to more integrate its capabilities into their own systems.
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The software name BellHawk  comes from its mission of "Watching your Operations like a Hawk and ringing the Bell when problems arise". This reflects the unique combination of license-plate materials tracking, work-in-process tracking, and real-time Artificial intelligence offered by the BellHawk software platform.


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