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BellHawk Software Background

Watching Your Operations like a Hawk

The web-based BellHawk software and its companion MilramX software were developed over the past decade by Milramco LLC, in collaboration with a number of partners. Milramco owns the intellectual property rights to the web-based BellHawk software and its documentation.

The BellHawk software is licensed to KnarrTek Inc. and a number of other partners which sell BellHawk Online on  a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription basis in the Cloud or rent the software to clients for implementation on their own servers. KnarrTek also provides Cloud hosting services for other BellHawk based solution providers, including Codeway in the UK and BellHawk Systems Corporation in the USA.

The BellHawk software is  licensed to BellHawk Systems Corporation for implementing turnkey AI based operations tracking solutions for its clients as well as for supporting IT departments within larger organizations that purchase  the BellHawk software through BellHawk Systems Corporation as a basis for implementing customized real-time operations tracking and management systems for their organizations.

The BellHawk software and its companion MilramX automated data exchange software are available for licensing to Solution Integrators for integration into their own systems. Please contact for details.

The web-based BellHawk software is also available for private label OEM licensing to partners who wish to more fully integrate its capabilities into their own standard systems. Please contact for more information.

The software name BellHawk  comes from its mission of "Watching your Operations like a Hawk and ringing the Bell when problems arise". This reflects the unique combination of license-plate materials tracking, work-in-process tracking, and real-time Artificial intelligence offered by the BellHawk software platform.

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