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Preventing Mistakes in Industrial Operations

Mistake Prevention

A major function of the BellHawk software is to prevent mistakes.

When an operator or material handler uses BellHawk to capture operational data, such as by barcode scanning, that data is immediately checked to make sure that the user is not about to make a data collection or operational mistake.

If they are about to make a mistake then they are immediately warned  on their data collection device and not allowed to continue with the transaction until they correct their mistake.

Some of the real-time point-of-action warnings about operational mistakes include:

In addition BellHawk can be customized to add warnings that are operation or application specific.

One of the key features of BellHawk is the prevention of the picking of wrong materials for a job. This avoids picking the wrong materials and then bringing them to the production operation only to discover that the wrong materials have been picked, with the attendant waste of time in fetching the correct materials.

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