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Preventing Kit Picking and Order Picking Mistakes in Industrial Warehouses and Stock Rooms

Mistake Prevention

One major source of problems for a wide range of industrial organizations, is ensuring the accuracy of kit picking and order picking.

Large distribution warehouses can afford to use technology such as picking robots, pick-to-light, pick-to-sound, and other advanced methods. These systems are costly and take a lot of setup and maintenance time.

At the other end of the spectrum are a large number of small and mid-sized manufacturers and industrial warehouses that do their kit picking or order picking with picking carts or using a pallet jack with a pallet on the tines onto which they stack the kit or order parts.

In these cases, the material handler doing the picking often starts with a paper pick list and ticks off the parts from the list as they pick them. This process is costly and inefficient from a labor time perspective and can result in many mistakes.

By combining inexpensive barcode scanning methods with the Japanese "Shinkansen" "point-see-do" methodology, BellHawk is able to prevent a range of kit picking and order picking errors at an affordable cost, including:

Mistake Prevention
  1. Picking the wrong part number for the kit or order
  2. Failing to pick a required part
  3. Picking too many or too few parts
  4. Picking parts that have not passed inspection or are past their expiration dates
  5. Putting a picked part in the wrong kit or order box or tote

 These mistakes would otherwise result in costly downstream problems including:

  1. Holdups in production due to missing parts in kits
  2. Making defective products due to using the wrong products
  3. Unhappy customers due to receiving defective kits or orders
  4. Holdups in repair and installation operations due to missing parts
  5. Wasted management time sorting out and correcting resultant problems

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Please click here to download a white paper on

" Preventing Kit Picking and Order Picking Mistakes in Industrial Warehouses and Stock Rooms"

This paper describes in detail how the BellHawk software can be used with inexpensive barcode and other technology to prevent picking mistakes.