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Real-Time Customer Order Tracking

Order Entry

Keeping track of customer orders in real-time is critically important, if an industrial organization is not to ship orders late to customers, which can result in:

  1. Loss of an important customer that cost a lot of money to acquire.
  2. Payment of penalty fees for late delivery to customer.
  3. Payment of expedited delivery fees to get the order there on time.
  4. Excessive sales and customer service time spent placating an unhappy customer.

In addition, not keeping track of customer orders in real-time can result in:

BellHawk Systems provides the technology to track the status of customer orders from when they are received, through production and picking, packing and shipping. This status is immediately available through web-portals to supervisors and managers so they can see when an order is starting to fall behind.

The BellHawk technology can also generate alerts for managers by Email or text message when customer orders are held up for too long at any particular stage of their processing. This can provide pre-emptive warnings to managers and supervisors in time to take corrective action while it is still inexpensive to do so.

Having a real-time view of customer orders can eliminate the need for people to spend expediting customer orders. It can also eliminate the need for customer service people to answer questions about late shipments.

If needed the order status information can be made available to customers through a secure web portal or back through an E-Commerce website.

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