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BellHawk Features and Benefits

Operations Tracking Systems


  • Integrated best-of-breed WMS, MOM, and MES system
  • Designed for use by small and mid-sized manufacturers
  • Designed for rapidly growing operations
  • Automated data capture using barcode scanning and RFID
  • Real-time data capture using mobile computers
  • Accurately costs materials, labor, and equipment time
  • Integrated production and inventory tracking in one system
  • Captures electronic materials traceability history
  • Performs real-time scheduling of operations
  • Simple materials requirements planning, job by job
  • Project level tracking of complex jobs
  • Simple data capture with mistake prevention
  • Works with most existing ERP and accounting Systems
  • Runs on a Windows Server computer
  • Uses web-browser user interface
  • Works with Android, Windows, Linux, and IOS devices
  • Prints barcode labels in customer specified formats
  • Data capture configurable by users
  • Uses SQL Server database for ease of custom reporting
  • Automated data exchange with ERP and Accounting systems
  • Works with QuickBooks and other accounting systems.
  • Integration with Process Control and Internet of Things
  • Can print and automatically scan RFID labels and tags
  • Artificial Intelligence based Email alerting
  • Full range of support services available
  • Best-of-breed equipment and supplies


  • One system tracks all manufacturing operations
  • Affordable - start small and easily expand capabilities
  • Easily expand capabilities as your sales grow
  • Replaces use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry
  • Gives real-time view of status of customer orders and jobs
  • Gives accurate detailed costing of manufacturing operations
  • Provides end-to-end materials tracking and traceability
  • Rapidly find source of defects and minimize recall costs
  • Efficient allocation of resources to ship orders on time
  • Lean inventory management for make-to-order shops
  • Integrates many POs, Work Orders, and shipments for job
  • Designed for use by material handlers and shop personnel
  • No need to change ERP or Accounting systems
  • Install in your plant or use in the "Cloud"
  • Capture and view data anywhere, any time on many devices
  • View data over the Internet on mobile phones and tablets
  • Works on wide variety of barcode printers
  • Eliminates need for custom programming
  • Custom reports using Access, SSRS, Crystal Reports etc.
  • Interface can be configured by users for their specific needs
  • Replaces integrated ERP + MES systems at fraction of cost
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and prevents mistakes
  • Automation of data capture of inventory movement
  • Provides alerts when managers need to intervene
  • From an experienced team focused on manufacturing
  • Selected for use in a manufacturing environment


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