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Using BellHawk to Gain Competitive Advantage and Cut Business Risk

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The BellHawk software can enable senior managers to increase the competitive advantage and cut the business risk of their industrial organizations by:

  1. Preventing the loss of customers by enabling your managers and supervisors ensure that every customer order gets shipped on time, with high quality, without mistakes.
  2. Providing a superior level of customer service by providing customers and your sales people with the information they need, when they need it, about the status of each of their orders over the Internet.
  3. Providing your operations management people with the real-time information they need to efficiently run your operations. This includes ensuring that labor and machines are utilized efficiently, that Lean inventory practices are followed, and that work is properly is properly prioritized.
  4. Preventing expensive operational mistakes from happening or mitigating problems as soon as possible after they occur.
  5. Maximizing profitability by accurately knowing what each job is costing in terms of labor, materials, machine time, scrap and rework as it is run. This can be used to head-off problems as they start to happen and can also be used for accurate bidding on customer jobs, so as to maximize profitability, and to avoid losing money on future jobs.
  6. Capturing materials traceability data in real-time so that the source of defects can be quickly ascertained and the cost of recalls minimized. This can prevent serious financial losses or even the bankruptcy of a business.
  7. Cutting unnecessary overhead labor costs by:
    •  Eliminating the need for expediters to chase the status of customer orders and related inventory
    •  Replacing manual keyboard data entry into ERP and other systems with barcode scanning and automated data collection
    • Eliminating duplicate data entry in multiple systems
    • Minimizing IT support costs through the use of wireless web-mobile technologies.
    • Eliminating the need for many cross-department coordination meetings
  8. Providing senior management with the ability to securely view the status of their orders and operations, in real-time, anytime and anywhere they have access to the Internet

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