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BellHawk - Tracking and Tracing the Flow of Materials in the Industrial Supply Chain

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The BellHawk software is used to implement systems to track and trace the flow of materials in the industrial supply chain. These include systems to track the following, in real-time:

These systems are based on the use of License-Plate-Number (LPN) container tracking methods, which is what makes BellHawk unique. BellHawk is often used in conjunction with the MilramX software, to exchange information flow about materials between manufacturing plants, warehouses, field sites, distribution sites, as well as with customer, supplier, and shipping systems.

BellHawk is used primarily in the industrial, medical, and construction supply chains. Its users include manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, engineering, construction, repair, and defense contractors.

For most tracking and traceability projects, BellHawk provides at least 90% of the needed code pre-built or automatically generated. It has an extensive set of interfaces, which enable automated data exchange with a wide rangle of systems, including ERP and accounting systems, CAD and other engineering systems, CRM and E-Commerce systems, as well as process control systems.

BellHawk is an open-architecture system which offeres many opportunities for systems integrators to customize the software to their specific needs. BellHawk is based on a rules-based expert system which enables the system to be easily configured for a wide-rangel of applications.

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