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BellHawk Real-Time AI Based Operations Tracking and Decision Support Software Platform

levels of intelligent systems integration

BellHawk is a software platform that enables the rapid and cost-effective implementation of real-time operations tracking and decision support systems for industrial organizations. These systems enable manufacturers and other industrial organizations to

BellHawk, when used in conjunction with the MilramX automated data exchange platform, forms a six layer stack:

  1. Integration with weighing scales, barcode label printers, RFID equipment, as well as PLCs that control process lines. This is typically done using Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) appliances running BellHawk and MilramX software.
  2. Real-time production and inventory status tracking. This operations tracking is done using mobile computers, with data capture being done using barcode scannning. This data is then interpreted in real-time to provide point-of-actions warnings before and not after operational mistakes are made.
  3. Intelligent integration and data exchange with other systems such as ERP and accounting systems, as well as E-Commerce systems. This is the layer where the real-time "world-view-model" of the status of operations is formed.
  4. Real-time dynamic pull-based planning. Here the demand for goods and services is used to create and modify plans for buying, making, and shipping materials to customers.
  5. Real-time scheduling of operations to dynamically adjust production priorities so as to ensure, within the limits of available resources, that customer orders are delivered on time.
  6. Altering. Here the plans are compared with the current status of production operations and inventory to generate Email or text-message alerts whenever managers need to pay attention to some aspect of their operations which nis not going according to plan.

BellHawk is a rules-based expert systems where the actions of the system can be configured by its users importing data in the form of Excel spreadsheets. This enables the system to be configured to the needs of many disparate organizations without the expense of developing custom code.

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