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Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Applications of BellHawk

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As a result of its ability to use barcodes to track the status of materials in great detail in real-time, BellHawk has been used in biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

BellHawk is especially suited to:

  1. Over the counter and specialty pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing organizations that are looking for a cost-effective material tracking solution that can be tailored to their specific needs.

  2. Laboratories that need to track specimens as well as to track chemicals, such as reagents, and the utilization of their equipment.

  3. Organizations looking to replace "paper-and-pencil" data recording with automated real-time data collection.

  4. Organizations that need to add barcode tracking capability to an existing laboratory information and/or management system.

  5. Organizations that wish to provide mobile data collection devices to their staff.

BellHawk tracks materials by the container, lot and serial number. It can track raw material inventory as well as the mixing of intermediate materials such as reagents. For manufacturers and distributors it can track the picking, packing and shipping of finished goods.

An important feature of BellHawk is that it is able to track the expiration dates of chemicals and print out recall lists. It is also able to track the quality control and hazardous materials status of each container and help ensure that materials are not misused or placed in wrong locations, including warning users if they place materials in the wrong temperature controlled environment.

Some of the other features of BellHawk include:

  1. Support for CFR 21 Part 11 electronic signatures though the use of barcoded employee badges plus passwords. Can also be integrated with biometric devices if needed.

  2. All transactions are time/date tagged and associated with person performing transaction.

  3. Overwriting of transactions is prevented.

  4. Transactions kept perpetually in the database.

  5. Integrated from proven software modules.

  6. Reports all transactions in human readable form.

  7. Can be integrated with equipment to capture electronic test and analysis data.

  8. Supports full traceability including who worked on each process step, what equipment and materials were used, what process parameters were used and what test results were obtained.

  9. Supports tracking of materials both at the barcoded individual item level and at the lot container level.

  10. Supports tracking the quality control status of all materials and prevents use of materials that are not QC approved.

  11. Can be customized to only allow authorized personnel to perform certain operations for which they are trained.

  12. Supports printing of customized barcode labels for a wide variety of containers and applications.

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