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The following links are to videos on how to use the BellHawk software to solve various materials  tracking and traceability and operations problems.  These videos are viewable directly on modern web browsers that support html5 videos. The videos can also be viewed using older web browsers using a separately downloaded Flash add-in to the browser, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website .

License Plate TrackingLicense-Plate Materials Tracking: (17 minutes) In this overview Tutorial Video, we lay the foundation for the following videos by describing the principles on which license-plate materials tracking  is based. License-plate materials tracking is the foundation on which BellHawk is based. It is also the basis of the GS1 standard for tracking and tracing materials in the global supply chain, which has been adopted by the FDA, DoD, FAA, and many other agencies, as well as ISO, for materials tracking and traceability. In this video, we discuss how BellHawk uses these principles to track the receipt of raw materials, their transformation into finished products, and the packing and shipping of these products into the upstream supply chain.
Simple Materials Traceability Using BellHawk for Simple Barcode Inventory Tracking: (19 minutes) In this demonstration video we use the BellHawk software to demonstrate the entry into inventory of bins of material and the receipt and put-away of boxes of material.  We demonstrate the packing of multiple items into a shipping box, which is then recorded as shipped to a customer. Finally we look at some of the screens, Excel exports and reports that are available to a materials manager and also look at how we adjust inventory as part of a cycle counting process.
Simple Materials Traceability Simple Work-in-Process Tracking: (18 minutes) In this demonstration video we use BellHawk to track the manufacture of a batch of 6 knobs. These knobs go through three operations: first cutting and shaping the knobs on a lathe from a round steel bar, second drilling and tapping holes into the door knobs, and third polishing and inspecting the resultant knobs. In this demonstration, we focus on capturing the status of the production batch in real-time and of tracking the amount of labor involved and how long each job step took. 
Job and Materials Tracking Using the RT-OPS Real-Time Operations Tracking System to track both Production and Inventory (40 minutes) In this companion demonstration video to the WIPS video, we use BellHawk software to track the manufacture of the same batch of 6 knobs but here we focus on tracking materials. We see how we receive a rod of stainless steel bar stock and then track its conversion into Work-in-Process (WIP) materials. We then track the WIP through further processing and then into its conversion into finished goods and their shipment to customers. We see how WIP is tracked in a reusable tote and how defective parts are recorded as scrap inventory that can be recycled. Finally we look at a variety of reports and Excel exports that can give production managers a real-time view of their operations.
Simple WIP Tracking DSCSA compliant 2D barcode label generation made simple (6 minutes) In this demonstration video we use the BellHawk Online LP-MTS system, in conjunction with the BellHawk Barcode Label Printing Appliance (BLPA), to generate serialized 2D DSCSA compliant barcodes to apply to jars of pharmaceutical cream.  We then demonstrate how BellHawk tracks the jars using their 2D barcodes as license-plate tracking barcodes, including packing the jars into cartons, generating GS1 SSCC barcodes, and their shipment to customers.
LaboratoryTracking and Tracing the Manufacture of Engineered Products: In this demonstration we use the BellHawk software to track the manufacture of windows. In such products it is critically important to track all the materials that went into each manufactured unit and also to accurately track the actual versus predicted unit costs. In this detailed example, we demonstrate the roles played by each of the employees of Window Makers Corporation. In the Intro Video (7 minutes), we set the stage for the manufacture of a window by this team. In the Pre-Operations Video (20 minutes) we show how all the needed engineering, purchase order and sales order information is entered in BellHawk. Then in the Operations Video (57 minutes) we follow the manufacturing of a window unit from receiving, through cutting and assembly, to shipment to the building site. Finally we examine the traceability history and cost data for our window unit.
Green Roll of Coated Paper Tracking Materials Conversion: (45 minutes) This video demonstrates the use of the BellHawk software in the example of coating and slitting rolls of material. It demonstrates how to setup bills of materials and routes in BellHawk. It demonstrates how to record the receipt and put-away of raw materials and then how to record the consumption of materials and labor on job steps.  It demonstrates how to record the transfer of WIP between job steps and the production and shipping of finished goods. Finally it demonstrates how BellHawk is able to track the status of jobs and materials in real time as well as to collect materials traceability and job cost data.
Green Roll of Coated Paper Chemical Mixing and Packing (48 minutes) This video is a informal demonstration of how to use the BellHawk  software to track the mixing of chemicals into an intermediate mix tank and then track the packing of materials into finished products. It includes demonstrating how we setup initial inventory, how we enter and receive against purchase orders, how we record quality control inspection, as well as how we pick materials for a production mix batch and record them into the mix job. It also shows how we record out the production of intermediate materials and into a packing job to make the finished products.
Green Roll of Coated Paper Tracking Assembly Operations; (30 minutes) This video demonstrates the use of the BellHawk software in tracking Assembly operations. In this example, we track the assembly of electrical panels through multiple operations and then their final assembly into a cabinet. The panels start out as individually barcoded items and are tracked as work-in-process through mechanical and electrical assembly and finally unit testing.
Green Roll of Coated Paper Tracking Electronic Testing: (19 minutes) This video demonstrates the use of the BellHawk software in tracking the testing of electronic equipment. It shows how to set up a testing job and then how to track the testing of ruggedized computers through burn-in and final testing to shipment to the customer. It also shows how defective units that are returned by customers are handled.
Laboratory Industrial Warehouse Management: This is a demonstration of the capabilities of the BellHawk for use as an industrial Warehouse Management System (WMS). In Part 1 (35 minutes) we look at the capabilities of BellHawk to enter Purchases Orders (POs) and then to receive materials against them and put them away. We also look at the capabilities of BellHawk to handle translation from supplier parts to internal parts. In Part 2 (17 Minutes) we look at how BellHawk can be used to enter or import customer orders and then generate barcoded picking sheets. We then look at how picking and shipping is tracked as well as briefly reviewing some of the reports and Excel exports that are available in the BellHawk Warehouse Management System.
Laboratory Laboratory Warehouse Management: (44 minutes) The BellHawk software is  ideal for use in Medical, Laboratory, and Biotechnology applications as it provides both stock room and warehouse capabilities for use by organizations that need to maintain materials traceability records from when materials are received to their being used or shipped. In this demonstration, we use the example of a central medical supplies warehouse that has several subsidiary stock rooms at several laboratories. Materials are ordered and received and stored at the central location. They are then moved to the stock rooms at the clinics, where they used by laboratories.
Simple Materials Traceability Simple Food Processing Tracking and Traceability: (28 minutes) This video uses the example of making chocolate covered strawberries to show how to use the BellHawk software to track what materials went into making which products. This includes using Julian dates and lot numbers to track which suppliers the materials came from and the customers to whom they were shipped.  This combination is ideal for the smaller food and nutraceutical manufacturers who want a simple-to-use system with minimal barcode scanning.
Making a Salad Using BellHawk RT-OPS to Track and Trace Food Processing: (33 minutes) This video uses the example of making a salad to demonstrate how to use the BellHawk software to track and control the manufacture of batches of food product. This use of BellHawk gives more fine grained tracking and traceability as it tracks and controls materials used to make each batch of product, as well as work-in-process and the customers to whom each container of materials, produced from the batch were shipped. This demonstration shows how BellHawk captures traceability as well as quality control data and how this can be used to rapidly trace forward from contaminated ingredients to the effected products and who they were shipped to.
Bottle of Fruit Juice Processing Batches of Material with Recipes Imported from Formulator: (48 minutes) This video demonstrated how an energy drink formula and packaging bill of materials imported from the Formulator software is used to track the manufacture of energy drink by the BellHawk software. This includes  tracking the purchasing and receiving of raw materials, tracking the making of an energy drink mix, its quality control inspection, and its packaging into bottles. We also see how the finished products are picked, packed and shipped to a customer. The demonstration finishes with a look at job cost reports and materials traceability reports as well as other inventory and production reports.