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Real-Time Production and Inventory Tracking and Materials Traceability Methods
On-line Video Training Course

The BellHawk software embodies best-of-breed methods for real-time production and inventory tracking. These methods are explained in this on-line training course by Dr. Peter Green. Dr. Green is a leading expert in the field of using technology for production and inventory tracking as well as materials traceability and has led the implementation of over 100 systems for industrial companies and Government agencies.

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The numbers by the videos represent the recommended viewing order

(1) Why Materials Tracking and Traceability? (2) What Do We Need to Track?
(3) Problems with Using Paper Records (4) How Barcode Scanning Solves These Problems
(5) About Barcodes (6) About Barcode Scanners
(7) "License Plate" Tracking Methods (8) Nested Containers
(9) Inventory Tracking Methods (10) Production Tracking Methods
(11) Printing Barcode Tracking Labels (12) Quality Assurance Methods
(13) Purchase Order Receiving (14) Picking, Packing and Shipping
(15) Systems Architecture (16) Why can't I use my ERP/accounting system?