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BellHawk® Project Management Tools

Work Order

As well as having the capability of tracking production and inventory for make-to-order manufacturers, BellHawk provides a set of tools for project management. These tools enable the management of complex projects that can encompass many purchase orders, work orders, pick orders, and ship orders as well as inventory specifically purchased for a project and work-in-process for each project.

These tools include:

Many of these tools are based on BellHawk Systems' in-depth background in the application of artificial intelligence to real-time planning and scheduling in dynamic resource-limited environments. By automating many routine management tasks, BellHawk frees up managers to have time to do critical longer-range management tasks rather than spending all their time trying to make sure that customer orders get out of the door on time.

These project management tools extend the capabilities of the BellHawk production and inventory tracking software to enable BellHawk to be used to manage the operational aspects of large complex make-to-order and engineer-to-order projects.

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