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BellHawk Real-Time Work-in-Process & Inventory Tracking Software

Materials Tracking and Traceability

The BellHawk® software enables the rapid implementation of work-in-process and inventory tracking solutions for manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, laboratories, defense contractors and other industrial organizations. BellHawk works out-of-the-box but can be customized to meet the specific needs of each organization.

BellHawk is used for:

  1. Collecting and processing inventory and work-in-process tracking data in real-time from a wide variety of sources.
  2. Integrating this data into a form that enables operations and sales people to quickly make effective decisions.
  3. Preventing operational mistakes by providing real-time warnings
  4. Collecting historical materials traceability data to enable compliance with Government regulations and customer mandates
  5. Exchanging this information with other systems as well as making it available anywhere, any time over the Internet.

BellHawk automates the collection of materials tracking and traceability data. In this role, BellHawk replaces the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with the use of technologies such as barcode tracking and mobile data collection. BellHawk is specifically designed to enable material handlers, machine operators and technicians to capture data in real-time. It is much faster and more accurate than their writing data on paper forms and saves the cost of subsequent keyboarding and manual integration of the data. BellHawk can also capture data from equipment such as weighing scales and automatically exchange data with process control systems.

BellHawk acts as a real-time decision support system by:

  1. Enabling sales and customer support people to see the status of customer orders while they are being made or processed. It also enables sales organizations to win new and repeat business by providing accurate historical cost data for bidding.
  2. Enabling materials managers to accurately track the status of available inventory both in the plant and in-transit between plants and and from vendors; and then to use this for planning and managing their supply chain.
  3. Enabling operations managers to be able to see the status of work-in-process in real time and to be able to use this to control the scheduling of people and machines to ensure that customer orders get produced on time

BellHawk can prevent expensive operational mistakes such as using the wrong materials for a job or using materials that are defective or have not passed quality inspection or have passed their expiration date. It does this by providing real-time point-of-action warnings to operators and material handlers before and not after they have made a mistake. It can also provide alerts to managers and supervisors by Email or text message when problems arise that need their attention.

BellHawk collects historical materials tracking and traceability information and is used to comply with requirements from organizations such as ISO, FDA, USDA, and HACCP, as well as Government regulations relating to safe quality foods, environmental protection, sustainability, and the handling of hazardous materials. It is compliant with CFR 21 Part 11 thus enabling its to be used in FDA regulated pharmaceutical applications. It is also used by contract manufacturers, Department of Defense contractors and other industrial organizations that need accurate and detailed tracking and costing of materials that may be supplier or customer owned or belong to specific projects.

The BellHawk platform also acts as a source of information for other systems. It can provide ERP and accounting systems with near real-time updates as to changes in the status of inventory and what is received and shipped. It can also provide them with job cost information such as labor and machines time as well as materials consumed, produced and scrapped. BellHawk can also provide E-Commerce websites with the status of inventory and orders and can move orders from the website directly into production.  It can also provide process control systems with recipes and formulas to drive automated processes.

Information from BellHawk can be automatically exported to "Big Data" databases where it can be used for subsequent analysis and reporting as well as well as real-time information displays and web portals.

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