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Using BellHawk for Materials Tracking and Traceability


BellHawk Systems staff specializes in assisting clients to implement materials tracking and traceability solutions, with a special emphasis on meeting regulatory or standards based tracking of their materials.

BellHawk Systems provides a real-time web-mobile software platform for implementing materials tracking and traceability systems. BellHawk Systems also provides related support services for assistance with systems design, installation, customization, integration, knowledge-base setup, creating special reports and Excel exports, web-portals, training and support.

The BellHawk software platform is commercial off-the-shelf software that enables rapid implementation of materials tracking and traceability systems, which embody best practices. BellHawk is used by manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, laboratories, defense contractors and other industrial organizations that need to meet regulatory or industry standards for materials tracking and traceability.

The BellHawk software platform enables the rapid implementation of materials tracking and traceability systems that:

  1. Meet the requirements for compliance with ISO 9001 and similar manufacturing process standards for being able to trace the source of defects and track their resultant impact on products.
  2. Are suitable for tracking the manufacture of pharmaceutical and medical products which need CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software for FDA cGMP validation.
  3. Enable Food and Beverage Processors to comply with the traceability requirements of safe quality foods act and the requirements of SQF certification, including rapidly performing mock recalls, and meeting FDA, USDA and HACCP requirements.
  4. Enable Defense contractors to meets DFAR and DCAA requirements for accurate tracking of contract costs.
  5. Enable compliance with customer mandates for electronic material tracking and traceability, including providing real-time visibility through web-portals of the status of customer owned materials.

Some of the capabilities provided by the BellHawk software platform include:

  1. Replacement of the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry with the automated capture, integration and interpretation of data collected from barcode scanners, mobile computers, RFID portals, weighing scales, and process control equipment. This can result in the savings of the labor of one or more equivalent full-time people as well as preventing data collection mistakes.
  2. Providing employees with a real time view of the status of their inventory and work-in-process so they have the business intelligence to get customer orders out on time and to efficiently run their operations.
  3. Capturing a complete materials traceability history, so that defective products can be tracked back to all the materials and ingredients that went into them, as well as to the people and machines involved, and the quality control inspection results. Also provides the ability to trace forward from defective components or ingredients to all the product batches in which they were used as well as the customers to whom the defective products were shipped.
  4. Warning materials handlers and equipment operators when they are about to make an operational mistake. Also alerting managers and supervisors and customer support people when situations arise that they need to pay attention to.
  5. Avoiding duplicate data entry through automated exchange of data with a wide variety of ERP and accounting systems, as well as with E-commerce websites and process control systems.

Please click on the following link to learn more about the Tracking and Traceability capabilities of the BellHawk software platform

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