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Using BellHawk to Ensure that Your Organization Makes a Profit

Make a Profit

Making a profit is essential for most industrial organizations.

BellHawk Online assists in this process by:

  1. Capturing material quantities, as well as labor and machine times, and their costs, used for each customer job. This information can then be used as the basis for bidding new similar jobs.
  2. Tracking actual versus estimated times and costs for each job in real-time so that problems can time and cost overruns can quickly be spotted and corrective action taken.
  3. Preventing mistakes such as using the wrong materials for making products or using materials that have not passed inspection, leading to the need to scrap expensive defective products.
  4. Preventing customer rejects or penalties due to incorrect product or shipment labeling or the provision of incorrect supporting documentation or supply chain data.
  5. Eliminating the need for overtime and expedited shipping fees to get orders made and delivered on time by automatically scheduling production to make optimum use of available resources.
  6. Minimizing inventory carrying cost by only purchasing and making the materials needed for each customer order as it is received.
  7. Automating operational data capture thereby eliminating the overhead costs associated with manual keyboard data entry and correcting data entry mistakes.
  8. Minimizing the number of support staff needed to capture and process data for materials traceability and other regulatory compliance requirements.
  9. Automating the capture and exchange of supply chain data with customer systems thereby eliminating the need for people to manage this process.
  10. Eliminating the need for duplicate data entry by automatically exchanging data with ERP, accounting and other systems.

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