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Seven Ways to use BellHawk to Increase Your Sales

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One of the questions all of our mid-market clients are continuously asking themselves is "How do we increase sales without a major investment in our sales force or a marketing campaign?"

BellHawk has been proven to enable our clients to win major new orders and to increase orders from existing customers using the following methods:

  1. Improving customer service by giving their customers real-time on-line visibility of the status of their orders and inventory they are holding for them. Transparency is the key to customer confidence, especially with new customers.
  2. Ensuring rapid delivery of their customers orders thus enabling their customers to respond quickly to demand by their customers. The shorter the delivery time, the less the competition and the higher the profit.
  3. Ensuring that orders always get delivered on-time thus enabling your customers to minimize their buffer inventory carrying costs. A reliable supplier is worth their weight in gold and can command premium prices.
  4. By saving their customers money by electronically providing the information they need to cut receiving and quality inspection costs. Even when you cannot cut prices to win the order, you can win based on total cost of ownership.
  5. By outbidding their competition by knowing their production costs in detail. This includes the labor, material, machine setup and run time, and scrap costs that go into each production operation for each product they make. By using BellHawk, our clients are able to make a good profit when they can and let their competitors take a loss where they cannot win the deal at a profit.
  6. By being able to participate in Tier 1 global supply chains through electronic data exchange. This enables our customers to be able to sell to big-box resellers, major restaurant chains, as well as major automotive and aerospace companies.
  7. By being able to meet customer mandates related to materials traceability and rapid recall of defective materials without adding to their overhead labor costs.

Some of our clients have been able to double or quadruple their sales in a few short years by using BellHawk. Best of all, BellHawk quickly pays for itself in labor cost savings, inventory carrying costs, and mistake prevention.

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