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BellHawk Systems Materials Traceability Systems for Food Manufacturers and Processors

Materials Tracking and Traceability

BellHawk Systems provides materials tracking and traceability systems for food manufacturers and processors, as well as manufacturers of food packaging products, that are required to comply with FDA, USDA and HACCP regulations for materials tracking and traceability.

These materials traceability systems use barcode scanning and mobile computing technology to:

  1. Track the receipt and put-away of raw materials
  2. Track the mixing of ingredients
  3. Track the packaging and labeling of the products
  4. Track the picking, packing, and shipping of the products to customers and/or distribution centers
  5. Track materials by lot number and expiration date
  6. Capture which ingredients went into which mix and then into which products in a traceability database

As a result, these systems are able to quickly trace-back from defective products and to trace-forward from contaminated ingredients to the effected products and the customers they were shipped to.

This enables compliance with customers' rapid recall requirements, without the labor expense of using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry into a tracking database. It also prevents data collection mistakes by providing real-time point-of-action warnings about mistakes to material handlers and production workers who are capturing the tracking and traceability data.

These systems can also prevent operational mistakes that result in failures in traceability compliance by:

  1. Accurately tracking raw, intermediate and finished good inventory
  2. Tracking the quality control status of ingredients and warning users if they attempt to use or ship materials that have not  passed inspection
  3. Warning users if they attempt to use the wrong ingredients in a mix or materials that have passed their expiration dates
  4. Using the wrong packaging materials and applying the wrong labels to products
  5. Picking, packing and shipping the wrong products

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