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Do-it-Yourself Operations  and Materials Tracking System Implementation

DIY Success

We recognize that our clients want to save money by doing as much of the implementation work as possible, within the skills and experience of their current staff.  We encourage our clients to do this, whenever possible, as our goal is to make the implementation of operations tracking systems as affordable as possible.

These do-it-yourself implementation activities may range from using a train-the-trainer methodology for training material handlers and shop-floor workers to having your own technical staff install and configure the software, write custom reports, and use the BellHawk SCI toolset to implement interfaces with other systems.

We work very hard to make sure that our BellHawk software is fully documented, despite ongoing addition of new features, so that clients can install, setup and use the software without requiring assistance from BellHawk Systems. We also provide an extensive collection of demonstration and educational videos as well as white papers to guide clients in the recommended barcode tracking methods to use.

With the addition of the powerful user-defined-parameters and item configuration options to BellHawk, most customization of the data collection software has been replaced with user configurable data collection.

BellHawk comes with a significant number of reports. Users can also create their own custom reports using reporting tools such as SSRS, Access, and Crystal reports from the BellHawk open architecture SQL Server database.

For data exchange with other systems BellHawk has a wide range of interfaces, including the MilramX toolset, which enable clients and partners to rapidly develop automated data exchange interfaces with a wide variety of systems in a Visual Studio .Net  IDE environment.

If barcode label printing, using barcode label printers is required, then clients can use BarTender to lay out their own labels and then use Excel imports into BellHawk to setup the rules as to what data to print on the labels under what circumstances.

But, where clients do need support services, these can be purchased from BellHawk Systems on an hourly rates basis in the form of pre-paid Support Services Bundles. We are also available to provide operational and technical guidance based on our experiences with implementing many successful barcode tracking systems for clients over the past decade.

Clients can also take advantage of BellHawk Systems procurement assistance services to purchase "best of breed" equipment and specialty labels from third party sources.