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Recommended Barcode Labels

One of the trickiest things to get right for successful operational tracking is to choose the right barcode labels, with the right encoding and resolution, made of the right material, with the correct adhesive or mounting.  Also the cost of these labels is highly dependent on the quantity and the materials used. These labels are available directly from BellHawk Systems which manages the production of these labels and badges through its qualified network of suppliers.


Roll of Pre-Printed Tracking Barcodes The simplest way of doing materials tracking in BellHawk is to use rolls of pre-printed tracking barcodes. Each barcode label on every roll has a uniquely serialized barcode tracking number, prefixed by a # sign. This tracking number is printed underneath the barcode so that it can be typed in if the barcode gets damaged. These labels are 2"x1" paper labels with a 1D barcode unless otherwise specified.
Shelf Label For tracking the location of materials in BellHawk we recommend Mylar labels printed with a tough resin ink for use as shelf and rack labels. These are custom printed based on an Excel spreadsheet listing the location codes, which can also be used to import these locations into BellHawk.
Overhead Location Barcode For marking floor locations in warehouses, BellHawk Systems recommends large retro-reflective barcodes that are designed to hang over floor locations. These barcodes are printed onto retro-reflective material that enables them to be scanned at a range of 40' or more with an MC9190G with a Lorax long-range laser scanner.

These units are typically hung at a height of 20' and have an angled lip so they hang at an angle that is easy to scan from a fork-lift truck.
Zebra Supplies For marking floor locations in situations where the use of overhead location barcodes are precluded, we recommend the use of floor stands with a location barcode mounted on top. These can be scanned from a fork-lift truck and are not easily damaged when hit with a fork-lift truck.
They can be relocated whenever needed and are very useful for marking staging areas in production and shipping.
Employee Badge BellHawk Systems recommends using employee badges with the company logo, a picture of the employee and a unique barcode to be scanned to identify the employee, when they are using the BellHawk software.

These badges can have embedded RFID chips for entry security control and with a mag stripe, if needed.
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