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BellHawk Reports and Excel Exports


BellHawk provides a wide variety of standard reports about the status of inventory and operations. These are available through the standard web browser interface and include:

  1. Items by Location and Items in Stock
  2. Materials Summary
  3. Expired Materials
  4. Materials Transaction Log
  5. Shipping and Receiving History
  6. Work Order Transaction History
  7. Materials consumed and produced by Jobs
  8. Labor consumed on Job Steps
  9. Work-in-Process Inventory

These same reports are available as Excel exports. In addition Work Order Status, WIP Inventory Status, and Elapsed Time for Completing Work Order Operations are available as Excel exports.

Other modules add specialized reports and exports related to their function.

BellHawk tracks and reports on the real-time status of each container, individually barcoded item and assembly in great detail in its containers status table. It also builds time-tagged materials, production, and employee history tables to record in great detail all the data collection actions of BellHawk.

Users can produce their own custom reports using the DEXBox interface which "mirrors" the data tables in BellHawk into a local SQL Server database. These custom reports can be produced using familiar report generation software such as Access, Crystal Reports, and SSRS.