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Using Artificial Intelligence to make  BellHawk Easy to Use and Simple to Deploy

levels of integration

An important feature of BellHawk is its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make BellHawk easy to setup and use. This is done through the use of user defined rules and parameters to decision algorithms which enable each system to be quickly tailored to the needs of each organization. These rules and parameters are setup using Excel imports, which then become part of the BellHawk knowledge base.

Some of the ways in which client defined rules can be used are:

These rules simplify the collection and dissemination of operational data as well as automating many routine operations management tasks.

While it can take a number of days to setup the knowledge-base for a specific organization, the result is then a system that is tailored to the need of each specific organization, usually without the need for software customization. Also, as much of the routine decision making is automated, training and deployment time and cost is significantly reduced.

While artificial intelligence (AI) may seem too advanced and scary and expensive for small to mid-sized manufacturing plants, the opposite is true. It is like all the AI based features being built into cars. These are making it much simpler and less costly to safely drive cars. BellHawk is now doing the same for operations and materials tracking  in small to mid-size manufacturing plants.