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Licensing Bell-Connector


The Bell-Connector data exchange platform consists of  a real-time rules-based data transfer framework, optional extensions, and a software developers toolkit.

The framework includes a control website for scheduling and monitoring the execution of data transfer objects (DTOs), which transfer one type of data from one system to another. It also includes interface adaptors for a variety of databases and systems.

A license to use an operational and test version of Bell-Connector is now available at no additional cost with the purchase or rental of a license to a BellHawk base system for installation on the same client's  Windows Server computer on which BellHawk is installed. If purchased separately, a site license for Bell-Connector is $5,000.

When an interface to the BellHawk operations tracking software is required then BellHawk Systems staff is available to work with the client's team to assist with the implementation of interfaces to BellHawk. 

Where BellHawk Systems has developed a set of DTOs to interface to a specific system, such as QuickBooks Enterprise and Sage 300, then these DTOs are provided at no additional cost to the client organization provided that clients pay for the professional services needed to install the Bell-Connector software and tailor the DTOs to their specific business needs.

Please note that, while Bell-Connector is a fully supported part of the BellHawk software, clients are expected to pay for any and all support needed in the use of Bell-Connector. Also the QuickBooks Enterprise and Sage 300 Interfaces are provided as is. While these have been used in a number of client projects there is no guarantee that the way these interfaces work will meet the specific needs of each client.

Support services for the use of the Bell-Connector software are provided in the form of prepaid support services bundles, the same as are used for the BellHawk software.

Please click here for an Overview of the Bell-Connector Software.


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