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Tracking the Manufacture of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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BellHawk tracks the manufacture of custom kitchen cabinets using barcode tracking and mobile computer technology.

BellHawk tracks:

BellHawk imports bills of materials for the cabinets and for each overall job from Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs and then automatically creates work orders from these. BellHawk then uses these work orders to track and display the real-time status of all the parts for each job, including which trolley or cart work-in-process parts are located on.

BellHawk can automatically print out tracking barcodes for each of the parts as they come off the saw and then use these tracking barcodes to track the parts through the machining operations and their use in assembling the cabinets. BellHawk can also print out tracking barcodes for each cabinet and for the boxes into which they are packed. These barcodes are then scanned to record loading the parts on a truck for delivery to site thus helping ensure that the correct parts get assembled into each customer's cabinets and that the correct cabinets and needed installation parts get shipped to site.

Please click on the following link for more details about How BellHawk can be used to Track the Manufacture of Custom Kitchen Cabinets.