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BellHawk Systems for Tracking Government Furnished Property (GFP), Equipment (GFE), and Materials (GFM)


With its use of license-plate materials tracking methods, the BellHawk software is ideal for tracking Government owned property, equipment and materials, which are often referred to as GFP, GFE, and GFM respectively, as well as Contractor Acquired Property (CAP).

With its use of rules-based mobile data capture, BellHawk a provides a simple, low-cost alternative to manually entering Government owned asset and material data into contract accounting software, such as Deltek CostPoint. Yet, at the same time, BellHawk provides a  set of interfaces that enable contractor's IT departments to rapidly implement automated data exchange between BellHawk and a wide variety of ERP and accounting systems, including CostPoint.

Major benefits of using BellHawk include:

  1. Ability to easily track assets and materials anywhere geographically there is a secure data connection to the data center running the BellHawk software. This can include locations in the field and on trucks/trailers and other vehicles.
  2. Elimination of need to record asset and equipment acquisition on paper forms and then to manually enter these into a project accounting system. Data can be easily captured in real-time using BellHawk and then automatically transferred to accounting system.
  3. Ability to print UID and other barcodes to MIL Standards 129 and 130 on demand as part of the initial data entry of assets and materials into inventory.  Eliminates need for duplicate data entry.
  4. Uniform tracking of company and Government owned materials and assets, minimizes employee training and eliminates many sources of mistakes.
  5. Tracking of assets and materials by agency and project on which they were purchased or to which they were issued.
  6. Easy transfer of assets and material from project to project and from customer owned to Government owned, with full accountability and traceability.
  7. Tracking of maintenance and repair of Government assets, including tracking serials numbers and IDs of parts replaced and those taken out of service. This includes tracking when equipment needs retesting or recalibration.
  8. Tracking the person, project, department, facility, or vehicle to which the assets and materials were issued, including tracking the movement of materials from location to location and transfer of responsible person.
  9. Tracking the return of assets and materials to stock rooms and warehouses, as well as tracking the scrapping of defective or damaged equipment.
  10. Ability to track asset-specific attributes, such as the operating system being used on computers, or the condition of equipment. This includes tracking asset values and their depreciation.

BellHawk can track Government owned equipment and materials without the need to treat these as zero value items in an ERP or accounting system.  Yet BellHawk has interfaces that enable the automated transfer of important financial data, such as the transfer of company owned assets or material to the Government, without the need to co-mingle company financial data with the value of Government owned assets and materiel.

Data about where each asset is located, and who currently has possession of it, is available anywhere, any time using a web-browser based device, including smart phones, over an encrypted data link to the Windows Server running the BellHawk software.

BellHawk can generate reports on the current location of Government Furnished equipment and assets and to whom the materiel is issued. BellHawk also has the ability to perform field audits with a full audit trail on discrepancies and their resolution..

All of which makes the BellHawk software is ideal for tracking Government owned property, equipment and materials, which are often referred to as GFP, GFE, and GFE respectively, as well as Contractor Acquired Property (CAP).

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