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BellHawk Systems specializes in assisting manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, biotechnology laboratories, defense contractors and other industrial organizations to implement real-time work-in-process and inventory tracking solutions that are tailored to their specific business needs.

The BellHawk software provides the following capabilities:

  1. Collecting operational data in real-time using technologies such as barcode scanning and mobile computing. This can include collecting data from process control and test systems as well as from sensors, weighing scales, and other sources of data.
  2. Making operational information available in real-time, including the status of customer orders, jobs, inventory, work-in-process, receipts and shipments. This is so that operations managers and customer support people can easily spot problems, as they occur, and take immediate corrective action.
  3. Automatically exchanging data between systems such that cross-silo information is automatically shared between departments as soon as it is available, or approved for release. This includes exchanging data with ERP, Accounting, CRM, E-Commerce, EDI, shipping/transport customer, supplier and third party logistics systems.
  4. Providing real-time alerts and warnings when mistakes are about to be made or corrective action needs to be taken. These warnings and alerts may need comparison of data in a number of systems. Also providing information to customers about the real-time status of their orders through web-portals or mobile devices.
  5. Collecting activity-based cost data in real-time so that cost over-runs on jobs can be quickly spotted and corrective actions taken before other customer orders are impacted. This includes collecting labor time data and comparing allocated versus actual times.
  6. Automatically labeling product packaging containers in real-time so as to comply with each customer's specific requirements and to prevent rejections or penalties due to mislabeling.
  7. Collecting materials traceability data such that the source of defects can quickly be determined and corrective action taken before the defects result in a major recall. This includes collecting the process data needed by manufacturing engineers to determine probable cause and effect.

This BellHawk software embodies the best-practices learned over more than a decade of implementing real-time work-in-process and inventory tracking systems for nearly one hundred clients.

The BellHawk software is an ideal solution for those organizations who find that standard packaged software solutions do not meet their needs and yet do not want invest in the time and expense of developing a fully custom solution. BellHawk is often used to extend the capabilities of existing ERP and accounting systems by adding real-time data collection using technologies such as barcode scanning, mobile computing, and RFID.

BellHawk Systems is able to rapidly deliver customized work-in-process and inventory tracking solutions at an affordable cost by having invested in software that provides over 90% of the needed capabilities for most organizations, working "out of the box". BellHawk Systems staff then tailors this software, which is designed for agile customization, to meet the specific business needs of each client.

BellHawk Systems uses an "Agile" implementation methodology whereby users start by testing BellHawk "out-of-the-box" to determine what changes they need to be made to meet their specific operational needs. BellHawk Systems then makes these changes in a series of modify/evaluate cycles until the system is ready for deployment. This saves the time, cost and difficulty of writing an up-front specification for the system and leads to a much lower cost and faster deployment.

BellHawk Systems provides a full range of supporting services for this process, including consulting on the best way to achieve operational requirements, software installation, software customization and integration, as well as the development of custom interfaces and decision support aids. We also work closely with solution partners who can supply the needed equipment for these systems on a local basis throughout North America and can provide complete turnkey solutions, including training and support on a local basis.

The BellHawk software provides benefits for many different people within industrial organizations:

  1. For senior managers BellHawk enables them to ensure that their organization can beat their competition on profitability and superior customer service. It also helps remove risk by preventing expensive mistakes and minimizes the cost of recalls due to defects. Please click here to learn How to increase your Competitive Advantages and Cut Your Business Risk using BellHawk.
  2. For operations managers and supervisors, as well as customer support people, BellHawk provides them with the tools they need to make their jobs easier and to run their operations more efficiently. Please click here to learn more about the Real-Time Operations Tracking Capabilities of BellHawk.
  3. For IT staff and manufacturing engineers, BellHawk gives the opportunity to work with the latest real-time web-mobile, intelligent-agent, and distributed systems technologies. Please click here to learn more about the BellHawk Software Products and their Capabilities.

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