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Barcode Scanning

Specialists in Barcode Inventory and Work-in-Process Tracking Systems

  • Project Management and Technical Advisory Services
  • Barcode Tracking Software developed by our own experts
  • "Best of Breed" Barcode Scanning, Printing, and Mobile Computing equipment
  • Specialty barcode labels for racks, totes, bins and floor locations
  • Integration with ERP, accounting, and E-Commerce systems
  • Installation, configuration, setup, training and support services.

BellHawk Software developed by our Experts

  • Warehouse Management, Stock Room, Inventory and Asset Tracking
  • Work-in-Process, Labor and Machine Tracking plus Job Costing
  • Manufacturing Operations Tracking and Management
  • Materials Traceability for Food, Biotechnology, and OTC Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Tracking Make-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order, and DoD Manufacturing Projects
  • Automated data exchange with ERP, accounting, E-Commerce, and supply-chain systems
Manufacturing Operations
Business Meeting

BellHawk Systems Implementation Capabilities

  • Provides BellHawk Software-as-a-Service in the Cloud or installed on your Windows Server
  • Services delivered on-line over the Internet for rapid and cost-effective implementation
  • Nearly 100 projects successfully completed over the past decade
  • Extensive relations with partners who resell barcode equipment and supplies
  • Work directly with clients or as sub-contractor to systems integration partners
  • Deep interdisciplinary knowledge of operations management and barcode technology

BellHawk Software Products

BellHawk Software Capabilities

BellHawk Software License Cost

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