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 Install on your own Windows Server or use on a subscription basis in the "Cloud"

Barcode Inventory and Asset Tracking Software - from $200/month

  • Replaces use of paper forms and manual key-board data entry with barcode scanning using web-browser on wireless mobile computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Ideal for stock-rooms and smaller industrial warehouses. Provides real-time status of inventory and assets at multiple geographic locations.
  • Tracks raw materials and finished goods by location, container, bin, rack or shelf. Tracks lot and serial numbers and expiration dates. Can track parts by customer and project and supports use of multiple units of measure.
Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning

Warehouse Management Software from $300/month

  • Adds purchasing, receiving, sales orders, picking, packing and shipping, to capabilities of barcode inventory and asset tracking software.
  • Ideal for industrial distribution warehouses as well as warehouses associated with manufacturing, contracting, repair, recycling, and refurbishment operations.
  • Provides comprehensive industrial warehouse management capabilities.
  • Can automatically exchange data with a wide range of ERP, accounting, E-Commerce, and supply chain management systems to avoid duplicate data entry.

Work-in-Progress and Labor Tracking Software from $200/month

  • Simple to use barcode scanning system for recording when operations start and end on jobs/work orders, the labor time taken, and the quantity produced or processed.
  • Ideal for make-to-order, engineer-to-order, process-to-order and repair operations.
  • Tracks status of jobs/work orders in real-time from anywhere there is an internet connection. Provides exports of labor by job and project.
  • Can perform scheduling and automatically exchange data with other systems.
Barcode Scanning
Operations Tracking

Real-Time Job, Material, and Operations Tracking Software from $350/month

  • Gives managers the real-time information they need to efficiently run their operations.
  • Tracks the real-time status of inventory, assets, work-in-process, customer orders, jobs, people, equipment, purchase orders and shipments, at multiple locations and facilities.
  • Tracks manufacturing, processing, conversion, and assembly of raw materials into finished or intermediate products including recycling of waste materials.
  • Ideal for tracking Make-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order, Process-to-Order, Government Contract, Repair, Refurbishment, and Reconstruction projects.

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  • New whitepaper "Warehouse on Wheels" describes how BellHawk can track inventory and assets on service trucks as well as the delivery and pickup of materials from geographically  distributed field sites.

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