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Real-Time Industrial Operations Tracking and Management Software

Barcode Scanning

BellHawk Barcode Inventory and Production Tracking Software:

  • Web-browser based - run on local Windows server or in the "Cloud"
  • Replaces paper forms with barcode scanning and mobile data collection
  • Can print labels on-demand in customer specific formats
  • Supports a wide range of mobile devices
  • Prevents mistakes by providing point-of-action real-time warnings
  • Can interface with weighing scales as well as process control and test equipment 

BellHawk WMS Warehouse Management System Software:

  • An affordable WMS solution specifically designed for industrial, manufacturing, food, medical, laboratory, and biotechnology warehouses, stock rooms and wholesale distribution centers.
  • Gives real-time visibility of inventory, as well as the picking, packing and shipping of customer orders, anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Full materials traceability at the pallet and carton level, including lot, serial number and expiration date tracking.
  • Integrates with E-Commerce, accounting and ERP systems as well as with supply chain systems.

BellHawk FMS Food Manufacturing System Software:

  • Tracks the receipt, quality testing, and put-away of ingredients and packing materials.
  • Tracks mixing of ingredients according to formulas and recipes
  • Tracks packaging, warehousing, packing and shipping of finished products.
  • Captures electronic traceability records for FDA, USDA and HACCP compliance
  • Gives real-time view of status of production operations and inventory
  • Prevents mistakes such as using materials that have not passed inspection

BellHawk MES Manufacturing Execution System Software:

  • Designed for discrete, process batch, food, pharmaceutical, biotech, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, and defense manufacturers.
  • Tracks jobs, customer orders, work-in-process, labor and machine time, scrap and rework.
  • Tracks manufacturing, assembly, conversion, mixing,  test, and quality control operations.
  • Uses BOMs, Routes, Formulas and produces barcoded travelers and kit picking sheets.
  • Collects materials traceability history and job costs.
  • Does automated scheduling and real-time materials planning.
Manufacturing Operation

BellHawk WIPS Work-in-Process Tracking Software :

  • Gives real-time overview of status of jobs and batches
  • Simple to setup and use with template routes of operations
  • Captures labor and elapsed time of each operation
  • Prints barcoded travelers on office printers for ease of data capture
  • Tracks waiting time between operations for tracking jobs that are held up
  • Excel exports of operational details for subsequent analysis

BellHawk SCI Supply Chain Integrator Software

  • Reliable automated data exchange between systems for industrial organizations.
  • Eliminates time, cost, and mistakes from duplicate data entry.
  • Can interface with most ERP and accounting systems.
  • Can interface with inbound and outbound logistics systems.
  • Can interface with WMS, MES, CRM, EDI, UPS/FedEx, and E-Commerce websites.
  • Can provide automated supply-chain alerts by Email or text message.
Data Exchange


Licenses to use the BellHawk software are available for outright purchase for as little as $3,000 or on a monthly subscription basis from $200/month.  Support services, such as for installation, setup, integration and training are available at affordable hourly rates.

The BellHawk software is available directly from BellHawk Systems for those organizations who wish to manage their own implementation projects. Alternately complete integrated turnkey solutions, with barcode scanning and printing equipment, as well as mobile computers and barcode labels can be purchased through our nationwide BellHawk Solution Partner network.

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