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 Install on your own Windows Server or use on a subscription basis in the "Cloud"

Real-Time Work-in-Progress and Labor Tracking Software from $200/month

  • Simple to use barcode scanning system for recording when operations start and end.
  • Tracks work orders, labor time taken, and the quantity produced or processed.
  • Ideal for make-to-order, engineer-to-order, process-to-order and repair operations.
  • Tracks status of work orders in real-time from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Can perform real-time work center scheduling
  • Can automatically exchange data with other systems.
Barcode Scanning
Operations Tracking

Make-to-Order Production, Inventory, and Operations Tracking Software from $350/month

  • Gives managers the real-time information they need to efficiently run their operations.
  • Tracks the real-time status of inventory, assets, work-in-process, customer orders, jobs, people, equipment, purchase orders and shipments, at multiple locations and facilities.
  • Tracks manufacturing, processing, conversion, and assembly of raw materials into finished or intermediate products including recycling of waste materials.
  • Can perform materials planning and scheduling as well as activity based costing.
  • Ideal for tracking Make-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order, Process-to-Order, Government Contract, Repair, Refurbishment, and Reconstruction projects.

Supply Chain Tracking, Integration, and Alerting Software from $300/month

  • Warehouse and stock room management, including purchasing, receiving, sales orders, picking, packing and shipping using wireless mobile computer technology.
  • Tracks raw, intermediate and finished products in nested containers including lot and serial numbers and expiration dates by location.
  • Can track materials at multiple geographic locations, including materials in-transit and at subcontractor locations as well as inbound materials from suppliers using barcode and RFID technologies.
  • Captures and relays materials traceability data for FDA regulated applications.
  • Can automatically exchange data with a wide range of other systems.
  • Can automatically generates Email alerts when there are supply chain problems.
Barcode Scanning

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