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for Small and Mid-Sized Manufacturers, Engineering and other Industrial Organizations

Warehouse Management

BarcodeScanning Industrial Inventory Tracking and Warehouse Management Systems for Manufacturers

Manufacturing Execution

Work-in-Process Tracking Manufacturing Execution Systems track inventory and production operations in real-time

Work-in-Process Tracking

Work-in-Process Tracking Work-in-Process Tracking Systems give real-time status of customer jobs and track labor times

Materials Traceability

Materials Traceability Tracking the transformation of raw materials into finished goods and capturing traceability data

from $300/Month installed on your Windows Server or use in the Cloud

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Production and Inventory Tracking in One System
  • Replaces paper forms and manual keyboard data entry
  • Works with most existing ERP and Accounting Systems
  • No need to change ERP or Accounting systems
  • Gives real-time view of status of customer orders and jobs
  • Tracks labor and equipment time expended on operations
  • Captures electronic materials traceability history
  • Accurately costs materials, labor, and equipment time
  • Performs real-time scheduling of operations
  • Simple materials requirements planning, job by job
  • Project level tracking of complex jobs

BellHawk Technology

  • Designed for use in a Manufacturing Environment
  • Capture data using mobile computers with barcode scanners
  • Web browser interface works with wide variety of devices
  • Capture data anywhere there is an internet connection
  • View data anywhere, any time on mobile phones and tablets
  • Prints barcode labels in customer specified formats
  • Can print and scan RFID labels and tags
  • Automated data exchange with ERP and Accounting systems
  • Integration with Process Control and Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence based Alerting
  • SQL Server database for ease of custom reporting

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