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Implementation and Support Services

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Personalized, friendly support services for the BellHawk software are provided by the Sybologic Systems division of BellHawk Systems

These  services include:

  1. Expert assistance with planning the operational, technical, and IT aspects of systems deployment to maximize operational effectiveness.

  2. Expert assistance with procuring the correct barcode equipment and supplies for systems deployment

  3. Assistance to client's IT staff with installation, if software is to be installed on the client's own Windows Server

  4. Assistance with setting up the BellHawk knowledge base using Excel imports.

  5. Training and support for our clients in using BellHawk.

  6. Customization of the BellHawk software, including providing custom data collection screens, warnings when operational errors are about to occur, as well as custom reports and dashboards.

  7. Working with client's technical staff and consultants to assist them with implementing real-time data exchange interfaces with other systems.

  8. On-going technical support to ensure that the BellHawk software keeps running reliably.

BellHawk comes with extensive documentation enabling clients, or third party systems integrators, to perform most, if not all, of the implementation, configuration, deployment, training and support themselves. We recognize, however, that many of our clients do not have the needed resources available to perform these tasks and so Symbologic Systems provides these resources , on an hourly rates basis, to complement the skills of our clients' implementation teams.

BellHawk is an open-architecture platform which incorporates user configurable rules industry standard software components an, such as a SQL Server database, to enable clients to tailor their systems to meet their specific requirements. This includes capturing custom data, generating custom reports and dashboards, printing barcode labels in custom formats, and creating automated data exchange interfaces with a wide variety of other systems. These can all be performed by our clients, or by third party systems integrators, or by Sybologic Systems' technical staff.

Where clients do need support services, these can be purchased on an hourly rates basis in the form of pre-paid Support Services Bundles.