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BellHawk WIPS Barcode Work-in-Progress & Labor Tracking System

Production Tracking

BellHawk Systems' Work-in-Progress Tracking System (WIPS) is a low-cost and simple-to-use system that uses barcode scanning to track the work-in-progress status of a batch of parts or an individual part through a sequence of work order operations. It captures when work starts and end on each work order operation. WIPS also captures the labor expended by individual people or teams on each operation and performs real-time scheduling of operations.

The primary functions of WIPS are:

WIPS can be can be used on a subscription basis in the Cloud over the Internet at a secure data center in the USA. It can also be purchased outright or used on a subscription basis when installed on a client's own Windows Server.

Work Order

Work Orders for jobs can be quickly setup directly in BellHawk or imported from other systems. These can then be used to create barcoded travelers, which can be scanned to record the progress of the work-order through multiple operations.

Work-in-Process data can be captured using inexpensive shared PCs or Android tablets equipped with corded or Bluetooth cordless scanners scanners to record the labor and progress of work orders.

Reports showing the status of jobs and the history of transactions can be viewed and printed using any device supporting a web-browser. Excel exports for subsequent labor and elapsed time analysis are also available for download on PCs.

Based on the work-in-process data collected, the work center scheduling screen can then present people in each work center with a prioritized list as to which work order they should be working on next. This is based on the current status of the job, the wanted data, and the importance of the work-order.

The User Defined Parameter option, now included with WIPS, enables clients to specify additional data items to appear on the traveler for each work order, both in the header and for each operation. It also enables clients to specify additional custom data to be collected at the completion of each operation.

Please click on the following link for details about How BellHawk Tracks Work-in-Process Batches and Labor Times

For more details about WIPS, please see: WIPS Data Sheet (PDF Download)

For those situations where tracking the transformation of materials on work order steps or the tracking of materials flow between operations is required then clients should use the BellHawk JMTS Job and Materials Tracking system.


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