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BellHawk JMTS Barcode Job and Materials Tracking System

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BellHawk Systems' Job and Materials Tracking System (JMTS) uses license-plate container tracking methods in combination with barcode scanning and mobile computing technology to track the receipt and put-away of raw materials, their transformation into finished products and their packing and shipment to customers.

JMTS gives managers, supervisors, staff and customer support personnel a real-time view of the status of their customer orders, inventory, production work orders, work-in-process, and shipments.

JMTS  integrates the capabilities of work-in-process & labor tracking and production scheduling system, plus barcode inventory tracking system. JMTS then adds the ability to track what materials are consumed and produced by each work order operation. This includes the ability to specify  BOMs for each work order operation and to use these BOMS to prevent mistakes, such as using the wrong materials for a job.

The use of JMTS is essential where materials traceability and/or accurate job costing needs to be performed.

The JMTS system uses barcode and mobile computer technology to capture data. Its capabilities include:

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