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Best-of-Breed Barcode and Mobile Computing Equipment and Supplies 

Barcode Scanning Mobile Computer

Through its web-browser interface, the BellHawk® software will work on a wide range of data collection devices. Also, through its interface with the BarTender® Automation software, BellHawk can support on-demand printing on a wide range of devices.

BellHawk System's staff continuously evaluates barcode scanning and printing and mobile computing equipment and related labels and supplies from different manufacturers so that they can recommend those that they believe will work best in specific tracking scenarios. Those that work well with the BellHawk software are added to our Best of Breed list. 

The following links lead to descriptions of equipment that BellHawk Systems has found to work satisfactorily with its software. Many other brands and models of equipment will probably work. But if in doubt as to whether a specific device has been tested to work with the BellHawk software, please check with BellHawk Systems first.

Please note that different options for the same equipment model may cause it to work differently. Also different operational activities have different ergonomic requirements. As a result, we strongly recommend that clients only order one unit of each model and thoroughly test it in operation before ordering more. Also clients are advised to test a sample of the equipment with samples of the proposed labels or supplies to make sure that they work together before purchasing a larger quantity.

BellHawk Systems provides a BellHawk test site in the Cloud where prospective users, clients and partners can try out how well specific equipment works with BellHawk.  This is also useful for configuring different web-browsers to work properly with the BellHawk software.

BellHawk Systems assists its clients to purchase the right equipment and supplies that are guaranteed to work with the BellHawk software, at the lowest cost, by two mechanisms:

When BellHawk Systems is acting as the prime contractor for delivery of a solution for one of its clients then BellHawk Systems will typically provide the needed equipment and supplies as part of an overall solution.  When one of BellHawk System's solution integrator or reseller partners is acting as the prime contractor then BellHawk Systems will act in an advisory role with the partner providing the needed equipment and supplies.

Please note that BellHawk Systems only guarantees that its software will work out-of-the-box with recommended equipment provided by BellHawk Systems (either directly or through its procurement assistance program) and that additional professional services may be required to be paid by the client to get equipment supplied by a third party working with the BellHawk software.


Please click on the following links for more information about our Best of Breed Equipment and estimated street prices:

Barcode Scanners: These are used in conjunction with a PC or Laptop. These may be tethered to the PC by a USB cable or they may be connected to the PC over a Bluetooth wireless link. This is the lowest cost way of scanning Barcodes into a BellHawk system and does have the advantage that all other user interaction takes place using a full-sized keyboard and display, which is very good ergonomically. These should only be used, however, where all user interaction takes place in the vicinity of the PC, such as in shipping, receiving or at a production station.


Motorola MC9190G

Mobile Computers: These are complete self contained units that are designed for use by material handlers and other mobile workers. These ruggedized units have an integral keyboard, color touch screen, wireless LAN interface, and barcode scanner. These are significantly more expensive than using a PC with an attached barcode scanner but are essential for use in warehouses, stock rooms, and movement of materials to and from production areas. Their primary limitation is the small-size of the display screen and keyboard, which makes it difficult to enter a significant amount of data.



Zebra ZM400Barcode Printer

Barcode Printers: These are specialized printers that use a thermal-offset technique to produce rugged barcode labels on plastic coated paper or on plastic labels made of Mylar or even Kevlar (for those who truly want "bullet-proof" labels). BellHawk Systems recommends both industrial-grade bench-top and wireless-mobile printers suitable for use in industrial environments.

The TAG module of the BellHawk software uses the BarTender Automation software, from Seagull Scientific, to create label formats and to print out labels on barcode printers.

Supplies and Labels: BellHawk Systems recommends and provides different barcode labels for different applications.

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