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Bell-Connector Intelligently Integrating the Industrial Enterprise

Bell-Connector Overview

Bell-Connector is a set of software that cuts the time to implement automated data exchange interfaces between systems by an order of magnitude. It does this by providing over 90% of the needed code pre-developed or automatically generated.

Most, or all, of the data exchange is controlled by artificial intelligence rules that can be imported into Bell-Connector in the form of Excel spreadsheets. This enable Bell-Connector to intelligently transfer data from the systems used by one "silo" or department in an organization to those used by another. Bell-Connector has the embedded intelligence to only transfer data changes in the source systems that are of interest to users of the target system. And it does it in such a way as to convert the source data into useful intelligence for the users of the target systems.

The primary use for Bell-Connector is in eliminating duplicate data entry into different business applications. Interfaces implemented using the Bell-Connector can quickly pay for themselves by eliminating the labor needed for duplicate data entry as well as significantly reducing mistakes.

Bell-Connector can also used to extract data from a variety of systems into a data vault. This data can then be used for producing business intelligence reports, graphs and real-time dashboard displays.

We developed Bell-Connector to make it much easier for BellHawk Systems technical team to implement interfaces between BellHawk and a wide variety of other systems. But we developed it in such a way that it is independent of BellHawk and can be used to implement automated data transfers between a wide variety of legacy and Cloud-based applications as well as to process control systems, E-commerce systems and a wide variety of databases. Now this toolset is being used by our clients to implement their own intelligent data exchange interfaces.

Where the rules are not flexible enough to enable complex information transfers then programmers can add their own algorithm in the form of data exchange objects (DTOs). These can be programmed in VB.Net or C#.Net using an add-in to the Microsoft Visual Studio platform

Unlike other interfacing products such as Boomi, Adeptia, or JitterBit,  which are expensive and designed for use by systems analysts at large corporations, Bell-Connector is designed for use by programmers in mid-sized industrial organizations. Bell-Connector is an extension to Microsoft .Net and Visual Studio and can be easily used by programmers who are familiar with VB.Net or C#.

Bell-Connector is designed specifically for use in industrial environments and makes it easy to implement interfaces to a wide range of legacy systems including ERP and accounting systems, plus CRM and E-Commerce systems. Bell-Connector can also be used to interface to process control equipment plus supplier and customer systems.

Please click here for more details on the Operational Benefits of Bell-Connector.

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